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-Hello+Our place serves as a node in a [[|network]] that can function without vertical organization and economic system. 
 +We want to offer shared spaces for activities or collectives that organize themselves autonomously and with the least presence of forms of domination or power. The activities are voluntary, based on reciprocity and without exclusion criteria. 
 +The objective will be to oppose [alienation]( with attention to the deconstruction of concepts such as work, paid work and money.  
 +{{ :fr:299018013.jpg?nolink |}} 
 +The activities often have a social, medical or activist approach, with attention to the links between them and to a global vision. We want to demonstrate the harmful effect of certain concepts in these fields, by proposing an alternative; a form of organization that respects the individual. 
 +//Thanks to [[|Issi]] for the logo.//
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